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And, of course, you must illustrate your prescriptions with examples of companies that have done what you recommend and have derived benefits from doing so. Exhibit 4 : In this article the author talks in detail about how to defeat product counterfeiters by targeting the weak points in their supply chains — such as printers and shipping companies — rather than trying as most firms do to sweep products and dealers off the streets.

And the author illustrates his recommendations with examples of several firms that have succeeded by targeting the counterfeiting supply chain. You will have illustrated the benefits in the preceding section, but often it pays to reinforce them by summarizing the benefits that companies generally get from taking your approach. Sometimes there are obvious objections to a new approach that will make your reader conclude that your solution is unworkable for his business.

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As you are writing an article and not engaging in a conversation, there is no opportunity for the reader to raise his objections, or for you to respond. So you have to raise and dispose of them yourself or risk being thought uninformed or unrealistic. Exhibit 6: In this article the author explains that the learning curve is steep for companies contemplating using data visualization as a marketing tool for describing their products. Instead, end your article with a statement that emphasizes why your message is important and why the reader should do something about it Monday morning.

Exhibit 7 : At the conclusion of this article, the author makes clear that having the right Investor Relations Officer directly correlates to higher profits. What should the reader do Monday morning?

Take a hard look at whether her IRO is up to the job. But writing to this structure will separate your article or white paper from innumerable others on the same topic, whatever that topic may be.


Thanks for your thoughts and ideas here. I'm guessing you must have thought hard on how to best present these ideas.

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As a reader, I would have preferred to see you present ONE article and cited the discrete components in it, rather than making me jump to several separate articles. There were several reasons I did it this way:. Skip to main content.

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By Tim Parker One of the most common problems the Bloom Group sees with drafts of thought leadership material is that they aren't properly structured. Information Items A.

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Comments about concepts B. Importance of all concepts discussed 2. I would implement a democratic leadership style in my business meeting. This meeting is not a critical. Outline Leadership Practice Issue Introduction The leadership issue that I would love to discus in an upcoming research is the ophthalmic wards management. Every healthcare unit has an outpatient and inpatient section Department of Health and Children, In patients live in wards and their welfare depends on the hands of ophthalmic nurses and practitioners.

Therefore, the manners in which the wards are managed reflect directly on the healing and response to treatment of patients in the.

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Jonathan Wong Mrs. Leadership has been described by most accounts as the ability to unite a group under one common goal or task. This crucial quality is necessary in order to be remembered by many people. It is necessary when people around you need guidance, or a sense of direction.

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When people need guidance, they look to figures. The program requires a set of six modules totaling credits and the writing of a dissertation totaling The styles of Leadership and Management must effectively use to carry out clear changes and for attaining particular actions. This makes an important real improvement in the healthcare and social environment. It is a very complex process to make efficient and effective completion of advancement and change as a dynamic area which takes mentioned time to make action for particular management and leadership programs, there are unique to all organizations usually.

The above outlines the history of the theory and the basic concepts behind the leadership framework. But what are the building blocks of the authoritarian leadership model?

Core characteristics of authoritarian leadership The authoritarian leadership style rests on three core elements. These not only define the role of the leader, but also how the framework should be implemented. The readings from the Leadership: Theory and Practice book also draw attention to the multitude of descriptions of leadership as well as the strengths, weaknesses and practical implications for several different leadership approaches. Specifically, trait, skills, style and situational.