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Equation Unknowns Critical Thinking Puzzles. Runaway Math Puzzles. Follow Directions to Color Squares Puzzles. Algebra Color Puzzles. Addition Color Puzzles. Hidden Squares Puzzle. Shape Mazes. Cut and Paste Shape Patterns. Number and Letter Kissing Activity Lesson. Counting Chart Puzzle. Make Masyu Puzzles - Complete the Line. Make Hidato Puzzles. Make Sudoku Puzzles. Make Kakuro Puzzles. Collect the Circles - Fun Logic Puzzle. Math Sequences.

Hundreds Chart Pieces Puzzle. What would YOU do? Complete the Shape Unit. Coloring and Fill-in Directions. Redraw, Enlarge, and Reduce Shapes.

Letter Word Ladders. Mixed Critical Thinking Skills. Critical Thinking Puzzles. Entertaining way to encourage critical thinking and close reading skills with this logic puzzle. Happy Solving! What's the Difference? Subtraction Puzzles for Critical Thinking. This resource is one of my favorite, go-to math enrichment activities for my little geniuses and fast finishers. As students work through the subtraction puzzles they not only develop their computation skills, but also learn important problem solving skills like problem solving and perseverance.

Arithmetic , Basic Operations , Critical Thinking. Rebus puzzles are word pictures that illustrate a common phrase. Critical Thinking. Fun Stuff.

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A Logical Memorial Day. I love using puzzles such as these to encourage students to develop both their critical and creative thinking skills. There are tons of seasonal. Math , Critical Thinking , Spring. This is a logic puzzle for early grades K-2 to promote higher level thinking. Great for young gifted children also. The work is done for you! PreK , Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , Homeschool.

They challenge students to read, organize and analyze information to solve an interesting problem. The answers to logic puzzle questions never explicitly appear in the clues; they must be inferred. A Logical Arbor Day. I hope you and your students enjoy this FREE critical thinking resource from me! I love using puzzles such as these to encourage students to develop both their creative problem solving and creative thinking skills. There are tons of seasonal resources for you at my TpT store, including "Awesome Ap.

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Everyone loves a good puzzle. THIS is what you have been looking for! YOUR students are the stars of this fun, personalized logic puzzle! Students are less intimidated by critical thinking, when they are th. My students love logic problems such as this one. Hope you enjoy this Olympics-inspired logic puzzle meant to improve the critical thinking of your students!

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Worksheets , Activities , Fun Stuff. In this fun mystery activity, students have to follow the clues to figure out why criminals broke into a store, but took nothing! A great way to teach and practice critical thinking skills! It's a great warm-up, filler,. Activities , Printables , Games. Linear Equations Logic Puzzle!

This fun, challenging logic puzzle encourages students to combine their knowledge of positive and negative slope, and y intercepts.

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Algebra , Critical Thinking , Algebra 2. Fun Stuff , Cooperative Learning. Solve It! Looking for some monthly-themed problems to promote back-to-school math, Halloween math, fall math, and holiday math problem solving and critical thinking in your classroom? In this fun mystery activity, students have to solve a classic riddle: Why does a woman ride the elevator up to the 15th floor and then walk up to the 20th floor to get to her apartment? Practice critical thinking skills and follow the clues to find the answer.

You can also get this activity in pri. PowerPoint Presentations , Activities , Games. Halloween Critical Thinking Logic Puzzles. These two logic based puzzles are great for deductive reasoning and critical thinking skill reinforcement. Please take a moment and rate this product. If you like these, you may be interested in checking out other logic puzzles in my store. Just look in the Logic Puzzles catergory. Math , Critical Thinking , Halloween.

Logic Puzzles geared to middle schoolers foster critical thinking skills essential to the new CC standards. This logic puzzle is an example of how students can develop critical thinking skills and is a great warm-up.

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A free sample of the Fall Sudoku Packet. This packet has leaves, pumpkins, acorns and trees in place of numbers. Students have to cut and paste the fall items into the grid in such a way as nothing is repeated in each row, column a.