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Ideas are considered as mental representation and are used to organize stimulus.

When ideas are link together it will organize into larger systems of information which will become knowledge. Knowledge now is considered as a storage of information fact or assumption, and these knowledge can be passed down from one generation to another.

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What you need to know from the text is covered in these questions. For all these chapters, you need to be familiar with the definitions technical terms highlighted in the text. Also, while there will be no direct questions on the grey boxes in these chapters, I strongly suggest you read them. They provide…. Anthropology falls in to four subfields, which are archeology, physical, linguistics, and cultural. One idea that these subfields share in common is holism.

Holism is approaching a single subject in several different ways Welsch These four subfields all have their own distinct approaches. This is why anthropology is divided into multiple subfields, so that anthropologists can study further in specific subfields and result in more accurate information. Each subfield focuses on a different type…. By this, I am led to interests in sustainability and environmental anthropology, globalization, cultural ecology and disparities in relation to food.

I see anthropology as a mode of thinking that has broad possibilities to catalyze and enact change through research and with applications in non-governmental organizations, advocacy and education. In looking toward my PhD….

Cultural diffusion and globalization explain these peculiar phenomena. While some believe that that these two notions have a negative impact on society, others believe they on the contrary have a good impact. Personally, I agree with the latter. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More.

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  • Even the children could say no to an elder if they did not want to do something, and that was respected and encouraged so the child could become a stronger adult. Although the elder could make them do it by asking them repeatedly. They also had plenty of free time and filled it with religious ceremonies.

    Challenges of Life: Essays on philosophical and cultural anthropology

    Overall, a content society with traditions and rituals practiced in an autonomous and egalitarian society. Fast forward to globalization and the American influences.

    The school systems are not teaching their ways, but scorning the Waiorani ways. None of their values and traditions are being taught in the schools.

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    The school systems, are actually denigrating the Wairoani language and culture. The children are not being taught it and even being taught to feel ashamed of being a Wairoani. They are less than. Back breaking, menial hard labor that keeps them away from their villages and families ves for long periods at a time introducing them to alcohol, drugs, STDs, and domestic violence. In our fictional example, this would be the assumption of a network of meaning that can be unpacked and presented to scholars in the West. In doing so, in finding neat objects of study in other cultures that are ready to be exported in academic papers, monographs, etc, the anthropologists also erase the specificities they encounter.

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    Asad holds up a significant paper by Ernest Gellner as emblematic of cultural translation:. I have in mind the sociologism according to which religious ideologies are said to get their real meaning from the political or economic structure, and the self-confirming methodology according to which this reductive semantic principle is evident to the authoritative anthropologist and not to the people being written about.

    This position therefore assumes that it is not only possible but necessary for the anthropologist to act as translator and critic at one and the same time. I regard this position as untenable, and think that it is relations and practices of power that give it a measure of viability.

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    Such a style must surely be at a premium in an established university discipline that aspires to standards of scientific objectivity. Is the popularity of this style, then not a reflection of the kind of pedagogic institution we inhabit? Cultural translation is handy because it very quickly and clearly describes a wide-spread phenomenon, something that takes place at an institutional level, affects the style and mode by which we as scholars communicate, and is tuned in to power relations.

    It is easy therefore to see how cultural translation is a manifestation of a more general imperialist tendency in Western culture. Scholars who are interested in culture that travels to and from the West will want to take note. Are there assumptions within the way we write that promote or conceal power relations in some way?