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Communication thanks to high-tech: What hearing implants are available?

Which ear implants work best? Find out more about EAS, cochlear, middle ear and bone conduction implants. Explore Life offers you a wide range of diverse content with a focus on hearing. Set off for an exploration tour through articles, interviews, videos and more. In order to fully experience all our features, please enable Javascript in your browser settings. I agree. Previous Next Part 1 Technology in the 21st century has enabled us as humans to make strides our ancestors could only dream of. Technology is hugely important to our lives Love it or loathe it, technology affects almost everything we do today and it also influences most of our plans for the future.

Technology making our lives healthier, more convenient and more entertaining in In the last two years, technological innovations have meant major strides in three areas in particular: Technology in health sector Medical practitioners are diagnosing illness quicker and more efficiently through the use of artificial intelligence and performing surgery effectively with the help of flexible robots - their hands essentially mimicking the human hand, but with the advantage of greater rotation and flexibility.

High-tech leads to convenience Mobile phones have morphed from convenient instruments of communication to personal computers where we can now instantly access data and services via the touch of a button. Entertainment Machine learning and virtual reality now dominate the entertainment space. Addicted to instant gratification Whether it be clicking on an on-demand TV show, or demanding Alexa change the song, technology is designed to meet our needs instantly.

Constantly available, constantly online Progress made in the area of communications means we can be contacted at all times via a variety of channels. Achieving a Tech-Life Balance Can we enjoy the benefits of technology without succumbing to a tech-controlled life? Take advantage of it!

Limit times when people can contact you: Reduce the unhealthy aspects of multitasking by allocating only certain hours of your day to responding to messages, or turning your phone off at night.

Limit social media and TV time: studies have shown they are addictive. If you find yourself constantly reaching for the remote or checking your news feed, consider limiting your daily intake. Both social media and TV can be used in ways that support your life, but overuse can diminish it. Reconnect with nature and exercise: studies have shown nature and exercise help fight stress and depression. Consider doing 30 minutes of exercise outside each day with a friend, and experience the benefits a short break from technology can offer!

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What we will achieve at the end of the day. Actually, that was not the case before technology took over our life. People were so calm and cool. They were having so much patience. For example, Thomas Edison failed times but never lost his focus, commitment, behavior, communication with people and invented the light bulb and so many other things after that. Today, we fail at the first attempt and we start approaching consultants. It looks impossible because today we want everything faster.

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  • It seems urgent and very important work. We need to respond because we like and believe in other person and we care about their message. Today, technology is greatly affecting the communication between thousands of people in a split second.

    How the overuse of Technology has affected communication negatively

    The debates, questions, viral communications are not achieving the desired results and conclusions. There are even newer topics to communicate the next day and we start looking for the next conclusions. And thus, communication is affected. Social Media content and many apps are producing vulgar content, far more than educational content.

    People are laughing on personal attacks and companies are getting benefits by targeting poor mindsets. The trust and truth are absent in communication. People are using mobile, computer, and sharing various types of content. But not all content that is viral influences society positively. Everyone just forwards the messages without thinking about what will be its impact on the other person. And I think this content is created or approached by a certain group of people to disturb society so that they will forget the main agendas of practical life.

    Such as career development, personal development, and national development. One Listener and thousands of speakers. Communication has massively affected interpersonal communication between two people. Today, due to technology more and more people want to speak, they want to share their thoughts and knowledge. So the communication is not from leader to follower, but the message and communication are spread from the crowd to followers. This is also a case of information overload where the listener is overwhelmed by too many people demanding his attention.

    He is not able to focus properly for deciding his priorities in life to take appropriate action. But before the advent of technology, there was One speaker and thousand of listeners. Everyone was hungry for listening and implementing the positive in their daily life. Today, people argue the positive, they even find and look for perfection and perfect idea instead of what they are getting.

    They are not satisfied. For example, there are thousands of videos on a single topic but no one is producing unique content except a few. Most communication is from trolls to make posts go viral. The standard of communication is poor and is only present to support own agenda rather than listening to what others have to say. Before technology came along people were crazy about learning, they carried books, they were habitual learners. They used to go to Satsang religious choir , Used to listen and implement lessons of Ramayana and Gita and very religious practices in daily life.

    They followed the shlokas, dohe, poems chemistry in their daily life. And today, we replaced that with the media content. Even if the content is inspiring there is most often a hidden agenda behind sharing it. Implementation if any bright ideas take a back seat as soon as we move to the next piece of content.

    What does this mean? It means most of the people just share the content but do not implement in their own life. The communication is just artificial. In the future, Artificial intelligence and machine learning will affect communication in an even bigger way both positively and negatively than we ever imagined. Here you can learn what is this?

    Technology in the 21st Century | Article | Explore Life

    Every object has a minimum of two side or facets to it, and many of them have 5. If there are negative effects of technology on society there are also many positives. Technology is like a garden in which there are many trees providing different variety of fruits in varied colors. Its poor application has resulted in the pollution of the environment and it has also caused a serious threat to our lives and society. This calls for the proper use of technology. The biggest challenge facing people is to determine the type of future we need to have and then create relevant technologies which will simplify the way we do things.

    It is impossible to explore how each new advanced technology has impacted our lives and how it will impact the future. Technology impacts the environment, people and the society as a whole. The way we use technology determines if its impacts are positive to the society or negative. Fuel can be used to run machines and cars which will increase the output of manufacturing industries at a lower cost.

    Basing on the example above, technology by its self is not harmful to the society, but the way society uses technology to achieve specific goals is what results into negative impacts of technology on the society. I have listed both positive and negative impacts of technology on our society. Through government subsidies, small and medium-sized farmers have managed to acquire plowing, sowing, watering and harvesting machines.

    The use of technology in agriculture has also resulted in the manufacturing of genetic crops which can grow fast and they can be resistant to many pests and diseases. Also, farmers have access to artificial fertilizers which add value to the soil and boost the growth of their crops and enable them to produce high-quality yields. Farmers in dry areas have been in a position to grow healthy crops, they use advanced water pumps and sprinklers which derive water from rivers to the farms, the all process can be automated to save time.

    Effects of Technology in Our Lives

    A good example is Egypt, this is a desert country which receives little rain, but small and big farmers have used automated sprinklers to irrigate their farms. In Egypt, they grow a lot of rice, yet this crop needs sufficient water to grow well. The water is pumped from River Nile to the rice fields on a daily basis.