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He also appears to have had ties to Antifa. El Paso, by contrast, is almost tailor-made for the Narrative. He also railed against job losses from looming automation, an issue that does not fit neatly on the political spectrum. They wield the Megaphone and they will use it.

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This proves it! This, as demonstrated, is a malicious calumny. But supposing it were true and empirically demonstrable that most mass violence in America today is committed by figures on the Right, for rightwing motives, and is rising fast. That would still leave us with the question of the cause. They amp up the Narrative: whites are inherently racist and predisposed to violence; they, or a very large subset of them i. That id, the Left insists, has been let off the leash by Trump, who, they further insist, has made hate acceptable. Never mind that Trump has said exactly the opposite over and over.

Even there, they always leave out the context and caveats. But these are mere details. The ruling class could concede all the points just summarized not that they ever will and still insist that any opposition to their agenda—especially continued mass immigration—is racism and incitement to violence, full stop.

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Or, as one recent MSNBC panelist seems to prefer, perhaps you should prepare yourself for your coming physical destruction. Here we must confront another uncomfortable, yet unavoidable, truth: conventional conservatism agrees with, or implicitly accepts, all of this. All of it. But they go out of their way to ensure that whatever opposition they can bring themselves to voice will be toothless and ineffective.

He gave no accounting and, try as I might, I cannot make his math work. No matter; in a propaganda war, mere assertion is enough, and guaranteed to be retweeted by the CLM. Trump, the Vichycons leap to impugn, was to blame and any on the right who do not denounce and repudiate him are equally to blame. To the extent that they do fight, it is only to malign those they perceive to be to their right.

For the last four years at least, Antifa has committed mass violence with impunity while being ignored or treated with kid gloves by law enforcement. Black Lives Matter has issued one blood libel after another against police officers, helped turn American cities into war zones, and contributed to a rise in American homicide rates for the first time in three decades. Meanwhile, heartland America has been decimated by opioids, trade giveaways, foolish wars and unending mass immigration.

American drones still routinely strike terrorists in the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and beyond. Is this what the Vichycons think is the appropriate response to U. Marines is any way comparable to a small sample size of one-off attacks by angry psychotics. Does anyone really believe that? Of course, every decent and sane person agrees that rhetoric should always be careful not to inflame or incite violence. The question is what counts as incitement.

But I have never come across any, and I read a fair amount of pro-Trump, pro-Trumpist commentary. I did, however, recently spot some very heated rhetoric—from a Vichycon.

Vichycons and Mass Shootings

Will the Vichycon in question pay a price? He already has one in Time. Conservatives, as noted, are supposed to know something about nature, human nature, natural limits, politics, history, and permanent truths. That they do not is plainly evident from the fact that an alternative explanation for El Paso—and for other recent mass atrocities—is right under their collective nose and yet has never occurred to them.

Now, what happens when transformative efforts bump up against permanent and natural limits? Nature tends to bump back. The Leftist response is always to blame nature; or, to be more specific, to blame men; or to be even more specific, to blame certain men. The military both needs and attracts highly-spirited, high-testosterone men.

Such qualities are necessary and useful on the battlefield but are also abrasive to the social virtues.

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In particular, while such traits can be attractive to women in certain circumstances, they can also, in other circumstances, repel. It is to force women into all roles, including those—above all combat—for which natural limits might suggest they are not well suited. Furthermore, like most newcomers to any environment, women expect that environment to change to meet their needs and wants.

Many of the men already there naturally resist and resent this. They can be forced to go along but some will still react negatively and behave boorishly. The Leftist response to any such reaction is to punish such men—harshly and publicly—and to denounce any such reactions, even harmless or inadvertent, as inherently dangerous and evil, proof that men remain stubbornly retrograde and that more punitive action is needed. No thought whatsoever is given to the possibility of natural limits.

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The role of the Vichycons in all this is, first, to ineffectively oppose, or pretend to oppose, the fundamental transformation. Then, once they have fulfilled their duties as gracious loser, they shift to their second: enforcement of the new Leftist norm. A soldier made a sexist comment?

Are you for sexism?

Justice demands that he be punished! Even raising the question of whether something about the circumstances—i. If said gang proceeds to sexually assault her, they will have committed a crime and deserve to be punished. Yet it must also be said that she would have been acting imprudently, even recklessly. Stabile, "Architectures of Revision" 5. About Masthead Submit Contact. Autumn Where to begin?

We know how this ends. I was unprepared for Brian Doyle's early departure from this life, and I mourn him deeply and still feel sudden pangs of sadness sometimes. His life was a tireless battle against hate and violence and despair, and through his writing and speaking he enlisted allies to fight with him. Every essay, proem, novel, email, talk, presentation nudged the universe forward one millimeter, as he liked to say, brought the rest of us closer to enlightenment.

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He wrote thousands of essays no exaggeration , which tempers my sorrow a little bit there will always be more to read , including seven that were discovered and recognized as Best American Essays. Please go read the essay now. Welcome back. Are you a bit misty eyed? Got tears tracking down your cheek? I know the feeling. Happens to me every time I read this piece. Secondly, I deny that the words and combinations of words derived from the objects, with which the rustic is familiar, whether with distinct or confused knowledge, can be justly said to form the best part of language.

It is more than probable, that many classes of the brute creation possess discriminating sounds, by which they can convey to each other notices of such objects as concern their food, shelter, or safety. Yet we hesitate to call the aggregate of such sounds a language, otherwise than metaphorically. The best part of human language, properly so called, is derived from reflection on the acts of the mind itself. It is formed [53] by a voluntary appropriation of fixed symbols to internal acts, to processes and results of imagination, the greater part of which have no place in the consciousness of uneducated man; though in civilized society, by imitation and passive remembrance of what they hear from their religious instructors and other superiors, the most uneducated share in the harvest which they neither sowed nor reaped.

from “On Poetry in General”

If the history of the phrases in hourly currency among our peasants were traced, a person not previously aware of the fact would be surprised at finding so large a number, which three or four centuries ago were the exclusive property of the universities and the schools; and, at the commencement of the Reformation, had been transferred from the school to the pulpit, and thus gradually passed into common life.

The extreme difficulty, and often the impossibility, of finding words for the simplest moral and intellectual processes of the languages of uncivilized tribes has proved perhaps the weightiest obstacle to the progress of our most zealous and adroit missionaries. Yet these tribes are surrounded by the same nature as our peasants are; but in still more impressive forms; and they are, moreover, obliged to particularize many more of them. When, therefore, Mr. Doubtless, if what is peculiar to each were omitted in each, the result must needs be the same.